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A night out

Updated: Apr 23, 2023

It was a Saturday night, and like any other, I was looking for some excitement. I usually hang out with my friend Layla, but tonight she has other plans. Despite not having anyone to accompany me, I was determined to enjoy myself and decided to go out alone.

I ended up at a posh lounge that I’d been eager to check out for some time. I ordered my favorite drink and made my way to the center of the room, where I started dancing to the bouncy club music that blared throughout the building. I was sashaying my hips on the dance floor with a potent drink in hand when I suddenly got the feeling someone was watching me. I wasn’t surprised. After all, I was wearing a low-cut fitted black dress, so I expected people to look. This look felt different, however. I turned around to find out whether or not this was just my imagination, but I was shocked when my eyes met those of the man who was staring back at me.

I could tell this man was wealthy without even saying a word to him. For one thing, he was in the VIP booth surrounded by an entourage of security. For another thing, he was dressed in expensive clothing and wore a designer watch that brilliantly caught the light and reflected it with a gleam. Another indicator of his wealth was the several bottles of top-shelf champagne that were on his table.

This man was quite handsome as well. He was clearly older than me as his short-cropped black hair had sprinkled strands of grey. His deep brown eyes greeted me with a gentle warmth that was welcoming and inviting. I’m usually pretty good at reading strangers’ facial expressions, and I’m even better at being able to tell whether a person is pretending to be genuine or not. However, with this man, it wasn’t clear if his gentle spirit was authentic, or if I was merely intrigued.

His lips curled into a friendly smile, and he gave a slight wave of his hand as our eye contact sustained for a few seconds. I waved back, and he used his hand to motion me to come over. I don’t know what it was about him, but I felt entranced at this point. I felt compelled to sit down and talk, and frankly, I wanted to.

I squeezed and wiggled my way through the packed crowd, feeling the bass of the DJ’s song beat slowly in my chest. When I finally reached his private booth, his security detail stepped in my path, prohibiting me from proceeding further.

“It’s ok; she’s with me. You can let her in.” The man assured them. After he gave the order, they stepped aside and allowed me to slide into the red leather seats of this VIP booth. “Well, hello there, darling,” He remarked as he poured me a glass of expensive champagne. I saw you from across the room and knew that I had to get to know you at some point tonight. I’m Michael, by the way, but you can call me Mike.”  He introduced himself, then slid me the champagne flute, and we bumped glasses in a toast before I took a sip.

“Thank you,” I told him, referring to the luxury alcohol he had given to me. “My name is Jayda Jacobs, but my friends call me Jayda,” I replied. After I told him my name, we began chatting. Just as I hoped, he seemed to be a very kind, generous gentleman. The more we talked, the more I swooned over him.

Unable to elevate the quality of conversation amid loud music, I suggested we leave the lounge to go somewhere more private, to which he agreed. Lucky for us, he happened to be staying at an upscale hotel nearby.  Now seated at the bar inside the hotel, we talked for what seemed like hours. He was seemingly fascinated to become more acquainted with me, so after a couple of glasses of overpriced wine, I asked if I could see his room. Instructing the bartender to bill him the tab, we made our way to the elevators.

The lift to the 24th floor where he was staying seemed slightly awkward, as we both seemed to be at a loss for words. He gazed at me with a boyish smirk, to which I responded with a shy grin and hair flip.

When we got to his sweet, it was tidy and cozy, and the mood was just right for the type of adventure I was hoping to get into that night. I excused myself to the bathroom to freshen up a bit and noticed a fresh robe hanging on the door as if it were inviting me.

Excited and aroused, I slipped out of my tight-fitting dress and sat on the bathroom sink. I used my hands to caress my entire body, sliding gradually from my perky breasts to my smooth thighs until my fingers found my lips. I gently spread them apart, revealing my clitoris, which was waiting for me with excitement. After I gave my clit a couple of soft strokes, I slid my fingers inside of me. I was so warm and moist, which made me even more excited. Giving myself several deep thrusts with my index and middle fingers, I’d nearly reached my climax when I heard a knock on the door. “Is everything alright in there?” It was from Mike. “Yes, I’m coming right out,” I responded. Embarrassed and hoping he hadn’t heard what I’d been up to, I quickly hopped off the sink and slipped into the robe that was waiting for me.

I opened the door to find that Mike had made himself comfortable. Relaxing in a chair across the room, Mike had removed his tie and unloosened the top two buttons of his shirt. He sat there looking pleasantly shocked when he observed me walk out of the bathroom in his bathrobe.

I walked towards him gradually and began to loosen the belt around the robe, opening it just enough to reveal my naked breasts slightly. Mike stood to his feet, and I could tell by the bulge in his pants that he was enjoying the view. I walked towards him until we were so close that we were nearly touching.

“Your skin is so smooth,” he said as he slid his hands inside of my robe, groping my buttcheeks with both of his hands. I leaned in, and we kissed. Still groping my ass firmly, he lifted me and placed me in the chair. At this point, he’d gotten on his knees. I leaned back as he put his face between my legs. Using his free hand, he slid his fingers to spread my lips and gave me one long sensual lick. I moaned with enjoyment and gripped his head with both hands as if begging for more. Still using one hand to hold my lips in place while he used his tongue to caress my clitoris, he took the index and middle fingers from his other hand and slid them deep inside of me.

“Keep going!” I exclaimed, as his fingers penetrated me deeply, in and out his fingers thrust. The feeling was satisfying,  almost as if a bolt of electricity was running through my body. “I’m cumming!” I yelled, as I released my juices into his mouth. I could tell he enjoyed every second of this moment because he swallowed every drop of it.

Then suddenly, things took a turn as it dawned on me that I’d come to this hotel with a stranger. This type of behavior was one of the things I’d planned on leaving in Texas before I arrived in New York, and yet there I was back at it.

“I’m sorry I have to go,” I said as I rushed to the bathroom to get my things.

“Did I do something wrong?” He asked.

“No, I have to go. I’m so sorry; I have to get home.” I said as I rushed out of the door, and into the elevators where I ordered a Lyft.

When I arrived at my loft, I realized I’d dodged a bullet in that situation, and I was relieved that I left when I did. I went to the kitchen to fix myself another glass of wine, then I took a warm shower and enjoyed the rest of my night solo.

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Dec 09, 2023

mmm great story i want to lick your pussy too

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