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A Familiar Face

Updated: Mar 28

I rolled my suitcase behind me as I brushed past the herd of people at the busy airport. When I finally made it to a less crowded area, I turned on my phone and opened the Lyft app. I booked a nearby driver to come and pick me up because I did not drive to the airport. The app estimated that my Lyft driver would arrive in about ten minutes, so all I could do until then was wait. Thankfully, I was standing right next to a large window, and I could see the pickup location outside. I was absent-mindedly browsing through my social media feed just trying to pass the time when I heard a deep voice ask, "Excuse me?" At first, I did not look up because I assumed that he was talking to somebody else. He persisted, however, and repeated himself. He cleared his throat and asked a little bit louder, "Excuse me? Jayda?" I finally looked up, and to my surprise, a familiar face was looking me in the eyes. "Excuse me?" He asked me for the third time. "Do you remember me?" Of course, I remembered him. It was Mike, the guy I'd met a few months back at the night club. But I was shocked to see him here at the airport. I scoffed and asked, "Oh my God, Mike? Is that you?" Mike chuckled heartily and said, "Yes, it's me. You left in such a hurry last time that I didn't know if you'd remember me. What are you doing here, anyway?" He asked me. I explained to him my situation, and when I finished, he offered to take me home in his car instead of getting in a Lyft. He said he was heading in my direction, and that it wouldn't be a bother. After some consideration, I accepted his offer and canceled my Lyft request. On our way to the parking garage where his car was, I asked him what he was doing here, and he told me that he was getting back from a business trip. I got in the car with him and gave him my address. While driving to my apartment, we had plenty of time to catch up, and that was exactly what we did. We ended up spending the entire drive catching up because we had not seen each other In a while. Mike was a fascinating person and could hold a great conversation. The conversation was one of the things that drew me into him the first time we connected. Nearly an hour later, we arrive back at my home. We were finishing up our conversation when he remarked, "I hate to be a bother, but can I use your bathroom? My bladder can't hold out much longer after driving for nearly an hour". I was happy to see Mike again, and I didn't like the way things ended the last time we crossed paths, so I cheerfully invited him inside and offered him something to drink. He graciously accepted my invitation, and we headed inside. Upon entering my home Mike did a little tour of my apartment, complimenting me on the various decorations I had about and telling me that I had indeed picked the right home to live. We were in the kitchen, carrying over the conversation we were having in the car when he asked me about my dating life. I lamented to him that I was single, and I was too busy with work to focus on dating exclusively. I then remarked to him that I'd thought a lot about him since our last run in and that I hated how things ended that night. "Well, that doesn't have to be the end." He responded. I knew he was completely serious when my eyes moved downward and saw the bulge in his pants. My mouth watered and I looked up at him. We made eye contact and we both knew where things were headed. Just a few moments later, we were both completely naked in my kitchen. I was on my knees between his legs, taking his thick cock down my tight, needy throat while he sat in the chair and moaned. I relished in the sensation of his warm, salty precum dripping down my throat as I crammed more and more of him down my throat. Eventually, I managed to take the entirety of his thick, veiny shaft down my tight, wet throat until I gagged on it. While his dick was buried balls deep down my throat, my tongue licked along the length of his shaft. This sensation was too much for Mike and he announced that he was going to cum. Unwilling to let this end without getting more of him, I stopped just before he came. We made our way to my bedroom, where I pulled a condom from my nightstand and placed it on him using only my mouth. Being a single woman, I'd gotten in the habit of keeping an emergency stash of condoms in my drawer for moments like this. After putting the condom in place, I hopped on top of him and started riding his dick. I was surprised at how perfectly he fit inside of me, and he seemed to be hitting every spot. I was hoping to ride him until I came, but seconds later, I felt his cock twitch and pulse as jets of hot cum burst out of the head of his cock and into the condom. I was so disappointed. I'd fantasized that he would be a better fuck than this, and I'd anticipated much more, but there I was left hanging while he'd gotten a release. "I'm sorry, it was so good I couldn't hang on any longer." He remarked, seemingly observing the disappointment on my face when I climbed off of him. "Well, I guess you'd better get going," I replied. "I know you have a busy day ahead of you, and I need to unpack from my trip. "I said, trying to give him an excuse to leave and skip the awkward and unwanted pillow talk. Mike got dressed and left, mentioning that he'd give me a call or text, later on, to which I agreed, although knowing I would likely block him then. After he left, I pulled out my favorite magic wand and finished the job he didn't. I later hopped in the shower and when I was done, I began unpacking from my trip.

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