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A Fresh Start

Updated: Apr 23, 2023

I'm glad I finally decided to move. Things where I was living had become extremely complicated, and I desperately wanted and needed a fresh start. Moving can be a refreshing experience and hectic at the same time because it brings with it the obstacles of locating a new home, a new job, and meeting new people. During my initial hunt for a new place to live, I came across a listing for a mid-town loft that was for rent, and the location was perfect! It was near lots of shopping and bars, and was within walking distance to my job. "This is what I'm looking for!" I thought as I proceeded to respond to the listing. Answering this listing is also how I met my friend and landlord, Layla Kenswaloe. Layla was in her mid-twenties with shoulder-length black hair, a roasted caramel complexion, and the body of a vixen. It was strange to me that someone so young could be the owner of several upscale lofts. Still, Layla mentioned in passing that she's a successful celebrity fashion stylist, and uses her extra income to invest in real estate. I even found these responses odd, but it was none of my business, so I didn't bother prying further.

After we got all the technical stuff sorted out, I moved into my new apartment. Although Layla was my landlord, we quickly became close. She was funny, smart, gorgeous, and accommodating. Layla even helped me get situated and assisted me with my move. There's no wonder she became one of my closest friends and seeing that I was new to the area, I wanted and needed to make new friends. I'd only been settled into my apartment for a few weeks when I received a random text message from Layla inviting me to a party at her place. "Why not?" I thought. After all, I probably wouldn't be doing anything besides sitting on the sofa watching NetFlix and drinking wine. I went to the closet and grabbed my favorite party dress. I figured I couldn't go wrong with a fitted knee-length red dress that also had a plunging neck-line. I hopped in my car and headed to Layla's party, making a fashionably late appearance. When I arrived, I was shocked to discover there was no one else there except for Layla. "Did I miss all the fun?" I jokingly asked as she poured me a drink. "No, babe, the party is next week, you must've misread my message," she answered. "But since you're here, we might as well make it a ladies night!"

We had light-hearted banter over a couple of drinks and shared stories like we've done the past couple of times we hung out. But suddenly, the tone switched when Layla leaned in to kiss me. I was shocked, but I didn't hold back because frankly, I enjoyed it. She moved her lips down towards my neck to my cleavage and kept going until she found her way in between my thighs. Lifting my dress, she moved my panties aside and dove in for a taste. I moaned with satisfaction as she ate me until I came. Well pleased, I decided to return the favor. I held her arm and laying on my back; I motioned her to hop on my face to which she obliged. She opened her top, revealing her plump, round breast, which I softly caressed as I slid my tongue inside of her and around her clit. Looking up at her, and watched as she moaned with what appeared to be enjoyment until she finally declared that she came. Things seemed to be going quite well until, out of nowhere, the situation became awkward when Layla started acting strange. "I'm sorry, but I'm seeing someone, I should've told you before I let this happen. I hope this doesn't affect our friendship or make things awkward between us." I knew this would make things awkward going forward, despite telling her it wouldn't. Nonetheless, I respected her space and boundaries and left back to my apartment, where I spent the rest of the night watching Netflix and drinking wine.

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