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The Extra Credit Opportunity

Updated: Mar 27

I approached the imposing wooden door that had her name on a plaque right beside it: Miss Jacobs. I thought about turning away at that moment, but I knew I couldn’t I had to face my fears and get this thing over. Besides, my future enrollment at this university depended on what she had to say. With uncertainty and nervousness coursing through my veins, I knocked loudly three times on her office door. Part of me hoped that she just was not here today, so that I had an excuse to go back home. However, the part of me that understood the severity and seriousness of the situation made me stay. Professor Jacobs taught a generic math class that I enrolled in this semester. It was my first year in college, and I was still adjusting to the drastic change in lifestyle, and apparently, taking a math course like this one while adjusting to the vastly different college lifestyle was an unwise decision. The end of the semester was just around the corner, and it looked like I was going to fail this course. It looked like I was going to fail every single class I enrolled in this semester. I had done pretty well in high school, so this news came as a shock to me as well. However, thinking back on the semester, it did make sense why I may have lower grades than desired. Being an adult at college meant that I was my boss and that I was living outside of my parents’ field of supervision. They could no longer keep a watchful eye over me and make me study. Studying was something I did if I wanted to and up at college, I seldom ever wanted to study. Instead, I wanted to do the things that most of my other peers were doing around this time: Going to parties, going out on the town drinking, and just generally living a carefree life. However, this laid-back, carefree lifestyle is precisely what put me in the situation. I also knew that if my parents found out about my grades, which they most likely would, they would force me to disenroll from the college and make me enroll in a local university closer to home. They would be able to keep an eagle eye over me, and this was not something that I wanted either. Seeing as I was on a collision course to fail all of my classes, I emailed all of my professors and begged them for some sort of extra credit opportunity to help salvage what I could of my grade. Of all the professors that I emailed, Professor Jacobs was the only one who threw me a bone. All of my other professors either never responded to the email or told me in very blunt terms that I was going to fail their class, and there was nothing I could do about it. That was how I found myself outside of Professor Jacobs’ office early on a Saturday morning. In her email, she instructed me to meet her here at around this time so that I could complete what she ambiguously referred to as “various extra credit activities.” I had no idea what these activities were, but I hoped they were simple tasks that were easy to complete. After a few moments of waiting, I heard the sharp clicking sound of high heels against the tile as she walked from her desk to her office door. The metal doorknob turned, and the door swung open to reveal Professor Jacobs, who was standing before me. Upon taking one look at her, both my heart and mind started to race as I wondered what she had in store for me today. I had noticed her beauty from the moment I stepped into her classroom, and I always noticed how she wore clothes that hugged and accentuated her curves, but this was on a whole new level. Today, she wore a white button-up shirt that the top few buttons undid, revealing her eye-catching and mouth-watering cleavage. Below this was her black skirt that highlighted the curves of her thick, voluptuous hips and showed off her long, shapely legs that went on for days. Professor Jacobs beckoned me into her office, and I walked in behind her, entranced by the way her ass moved in that tight skirt of hers. She sat down atop her desk and spread her legs wide to reveal the fact that she was not wearing any panties. With her visibly wet pussy presenting for me, she said, “I am going to cut to the chase, Gavin, I am incredibly horny right now. I have been masturbating for the past hour thinking about this little meeting between us. I am right on the edge of cumming, and all I need is for a young stud like you to shove your cock in me and fuck me until I cum. Got it?” She asked me, licking her lips as her gaze rested on my throbbing erection. I did not need to receive instructions twice. I quickly got undressed, and so did she. She was now laying on her back on the desk, her beautiful tits unrestrained by any clothing and her horny, wet pussy exposed for me. Seeing as she had already been masturbating, I got to work right away. Her hungry, tight cunt quickly swallowed my entire shaft as I started to fuck her with deep, powerful strokes. I fucked in this position for about ten minutes, lavishing in her angelic moans. Suddenly she announced that she was going to cum just as I felt my orgasm building inside of me. My ball sack tightened up, but I continued to pound her tight, soaking wet pussy. She cried out in ecstasy as her orgasm overtook, and I felt myself explode with cum not long after. My cock twitched as it shot reams of hot cum deep inside of her. After we recovered, Professor Jacobs dipped her fingers in her cunt. A mixture of her juices and my cum covered her fingers when she pulled them out of her pussy. She plunged her fingers in her mouth, and after giving it a thorough taste, she said: “Well, Gavin, I can say with confidence that that performance was deserving of a passing grade!”

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