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The Quick Fix

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

It was my first time in New York City, and every day was filled with new experiences for me. I had grown up in the suburbs which is like a completely different world for New York City. Back home, when I woke up, I could go outside and hear the birds chirping their lovely song. While I didn’t have the elegant songs of birds in my ear in New York City, I had something else which I quite liked. Whenever I opened up my windows to get a breath of fresh air, I was greeted by the sounds of the streets. Everything seemed so alive, but it’s difficult to explain. Every person, every animal, everything seemed to be hustling and bustling about, as if every second was precious. I heard cars honking, people making very important phone calls, construction workers repairing a stretch of road, and street performers playing their beautiful instruments. It was all so wonderful, and it was all so new to me. I moved to Manhattan for work. This new job brought with it an increase in pay as well as benefits, which was nice. My parents and friends back home were really excited for me to get this job. They had twinges of disappointment hidden underneath their excitement, though. That much was undeniable. I could see it whenever I said my parting words with them, and I heard it in their voices whenever we spoke on the phone.

The maintenance manager in my new apartment was extremely kind, which was something I didn’t expect. I’ve always heard horror stories about rude maintenance workers who don’t care about their customers, but mine was not like this. The maintenance personnel’s name was Jessica and she was around my age. She was so kind that when I initially moved in, she was the first to greet me. She brought with her homemade cookies as well as a six-pack of beer. She even helped me hook up my electronics like my TV, my laptop, and my printer which I would have had no idea how to set up on my own.

Jessica was coming over today, but it was not for move-in related purposes. I got settled in about a week ago, but as luck would have it, my dishwasher stopped working. Jessica agreed to come to take a look at it and I was working from home today so it wouldn’t be a problem with me. Because I was working from home, though, I decided to sleep in a little bit longer than usual. I was under the covers, in nothing more than a lacy pink pair of panties when Jessica’s voice took me out of my slumber.

“Is this what working from home means?” She joked.

My eyes shot open and I saw Jessica standing in front of me with a big grin on her face. She wore her hair in a ponytail but it was mostly covered by a blue baseball cap. She had on a grey baseball t-shirt and black, form-fitting leggings that showed off the curve of her ass. In her right hand was a toolbox but she set that down. I bolted into an upright position, grabbing frantically at the blanket and using it to cover up whatever part of my body that I could. “Oh my God, I’m so sorry I didn’t know you were going to come this early!” I managed to squeak out after a minute or so of stumbling over my own words. I had woken up on my stomach, which means that when Jessica found me, I presenting my ass for her. She waved me away and nonchalantly told me that it was no problem at all. She then told me that I looked super sexy anyway so it didn’t matter to her what I was wearing. I asked her if she was being serious and she confirmed that she was.

“Yes, I’m being serious!” She said “You have such a sexy ass and nice tits. It would be my pleasure to make you cum before fixing your dishwasher.”

I was the type of person to call other peoples’ bluffs so I kicked the blanket off of me and spread my legs. With my pussy presenting to her, I asked “Oh yeah? Well, it’s right here” in as sexy a tone as I could muster. She raised her eyebrows in surprise before diving on the bed and in between my legs. She pushed my lacy pink panties to the side, telling me how cute they were before she got to work on my pussy. I felt her mouth form a tight seal around my cunt and then I felt her tongue flicker at my sensitive clit. I moaned softly and bit my lower lip. I also bucked and humped my hungry, wet pussy against the flat of her tongue. With her tongue still working its magic, she worked two fingers inside of me and began to massage the inside of my pussy. I don’t how she did it so fast, but I was already soaking wet. I could feel an orgasm building inside of me as my moans and groans grew louder and louder. Finally, I cried out “Oh, fuck, Jessica I’m cumming!” She looked at me with a grin on her face as my pussy gushed its sweet juices all over her. Electric waves of pleasure rippled through my body as she fingered me and at my cunt. She had found my g-spot and was massaging it just right. At the same time, her tongue was stimulating my clit in just the right fashion to make me cum. After my orgasm, she got up, wiped her mouth clean of my juices, gathered her toolbox, and said: “Now then, let’s have a look at that dishwasher”.

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jessica really meant business and you did too but j wonder if you’re always this blunt🤷🏾‍♂️

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